03/22/2012 04:01 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Romney Campaign: Santorum 'Most Valuable Player On President Obama's Team'

In a memo released to reporters Thursday, Romney political director Rich Beeson hammered Rick Santorum's refusal to leave the race for the Republican nomination, claiming that the protracted battle is aiding President Obama's re-election efforts.

"Each day Senator Santorum continues to march up this steep hill of improbability is a day we lose to unite in our effort as Republicans to defeat President Obama," Beeson wrote. "So as Senator Santorum continues to drag out this already expensive, negative campaign it is clear that he is becoming the most valuable player on President Obama’s team."

In line with the campaign's focus on delegate math, Beeson trotted out statistics from recent primaries underscoring Santorum's inability to make a significant dent in Romney's delegate lead.

"In the 11 contests that followed Super Tuesday, Senator Santorum not only failed to make up any ground on Governor Romney’s delegate lead, he actually fell behind by 61 more delegates," the statement said, highlighting a stretch in Santorum continued to lag behind despite unexpected wins in Alabama and Mississippi.

Read the full memo below:

3.22.12 Beeson Delegate Memo