03/22/2012 01:56 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

New Releases: 'The Hunger Games,' 'The Raid: Redemption,' '4:44 Last Day on Earth'

If you've looked at entertainment news at all this week, you probably assume the only movie out right now is "The Hunger Games." That's partially true: It's opening in more than 4,000 theaters nationwide.

However! There are a few more options on the table. One caveat: those films are all in limited release. Therefore, the real question is, how much money will "Hunger Games" end up grossing this weekend?

To find out, read Moviefone's Weekend Movie Preview, below."


"The Hunger Games"

What's the story: For those not in the know (all 10 of you), "The Hunger Games" is set in the dystopian society of Panem. Due to a previous citizen uprising, every year, 24 kids -- two from each of the 12 districts -- are randomly selected and forced to participate in a tournament where they fight to the death. This film follows District 12 tributes Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) as they attempt to survive the Games.

Box office prediction: It. Is. Going. To Be. HUGE. Not only has "The Hunger Games" sold out advance ticket sales in 2,000 theaters, it has also surpassed pre-sale numbers for the first "Twilight." (Eat your heart your Bella and Edward!) How much money will the film rake in this weekend? If tracking numbers are any indication, a whole bunch. $129 million

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If you want to watch the world end, check out Willem Defoe in "4:44 Last Day on Earth." For something a little more cheery, there's the dramedy "The Trouble With Bliss." In "October Baby," a young girl searches for her birth mother, and in "The Deep Blue Sea," a 40-year-old woman has an affair with a pilot. Finally, there's the critically acclaimed "The Raid: Redemption," where a special forces team looks to bring down a mob boss.