03/22/2012 05:47 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Skateboarding 1980s New York City (VIDEO)

We've already seen the stylish, Central Park skateboarders of the 60s and the slow-mo, high-def Brooklyn gliders of the aughts. Now, let's take a time machine back to the crowded streets and sidewalks of a graffitied, Koch-era Manhattan, when skaters (pre-Local Law 43) slalomed pesky pedestrians with ease. The year was 1985.

The uploader of the video describes the scene: "In the 80s, this is what street skating was often like: just a bunch of guys ripping down the street, crashing into things and generally having a blast. Along with the Bones Brigade, that's Christian Hosoi in there with the green hair, along with Dave Hackett (acid-dropping off a semi truck), Ian Frahm (ollieing up onto the wall at the Brooklyn Bridge bank--a big trick at the time) and some other NYC locals."

A few fun things to look out for: a large beehive haircut, an impromptu announcer at 5:03, and a very bizarre ending:

[VIA Gothamist]