03/22/2012 08:33 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

House Tour: Tricia Rose Fills Her Bay Area Home With Beautiful Reclaimed Driftwood (PHOTOS)

There is nothing Tricia Rose can't salvage. Walk inside her cozy, charming Bay Area home and expect nothing less than nautical-inspired decor and one-of-a-kind pieces repurposed from driftwood and other items found along the beach.

"Because this is on the water and it has sort of this Popeye Village vibe, I've just gone to town," says the 64-year-old Brit, who has used reclaimed beach wood to make everything from her headboard to her mirror frames. "Each time I go for a walk along the beach, I drag home wood that's of interest to me," she explains.

Although quite common and overlooked, driftwood becomes a thing of beauty in Rose's hands. She can transform weatherworn wood that would otherwise look unattractive into something useful and eye-catching. Her pieces highlight the natural beauty of the aged and forgotten. In fact, she actually prefers to use beaten-up wood, she says.

"[The wood] has to be quite battered and weathered looking," she explains. "The good thing is that salt water gets rid of any insects so you're not importing woodworm into your house. Things with a lot of marine worm damage -- I really like because marine worms are really big, and so you get these really lovely smooth holes and channels." What's more, if collected wood is not repurposed for a project, she simply uses it as fire wood.

Beautiful reclaimed driftwood pieces aren't the only great finds within Rose's two-bedroom, 1,000-square-foot home, which she shares with her husband, Stefan. Her bathroom cabinet doors are reclaimed from IKEA slated walnut benches. She features several small trinkets and accent pieces, which she found around the bay. And, self-sewn neutral, soft and durable linen complement the wood furniture.

Actually, Rose is the founder and creative mind behind Rough Linen, a line of bedding, tablecloths and window curtains. Inspired by a homespun linen pillow slip her great-grandmother made in 1840, Rose had sewn her own linen bedding when others began to inquire about a set for themselves. After two years, her business is rapidly growing.

"I've been knocking down houses since I was 22, but one of my greatest pleasures is that I started this business when I was 62 -- at a time when...it's sort of a loose end," she says. "I've got something that is absolutely and completely absolving and satisfying, so that's a blessing."

Before Rose and her husband settled in the quiet Northern California community of Chicken Point 10 years ago, the worldly couple resided in London and Paris. Her homes, even then, were a canvas for her creative and crafty predilections. "One of [my husband's] first presents to me when we first got married was a sledgehammer," she says. "I'm practical, I'm a crafts person, and I love ingenuity. I love seeing one thing in another thing." Surprisingly, Rose describes her past homes as being outfitted with more moden decor. She believes that people should decorate based on the house and how it feels, she says. However, when it comes to home design, the best thing to remember is just "have fun."

Flip through the slideshow below to see Rose's beautiful beachside home. And, to see more photos, visit Rough Linen.

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All photos courtesy of Rough Linen