03/22/2012 04:39 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Turkish Airlines Unveils Clever New Livery (VIDEO)

Call them the new face of Turkish Airlines.

The carrier, hoping to thank its crews for years and years of service, has plastered more than 17,000 photos of its employees on the side of a 737 jet.

Affixing all the headshots to the aircraft took four months and involved a crew of 20. The specially decked-out jet will hopscotch the globe for the next year.

It's hardly the first example of specialty airplane livery, which are a point of pride for carriers and aviation geeks, even when they're less than attractive. Southwest Airlines planes frequently sport themed paint jobs when they fly new routes. HuffPost Travel has even quizzed readers on liveries.

Turkish Airlines' time-lapse video of the process is cool -- even cooler if you have a pair of 3-D goggles handy.