03/23/2012 05:41 am ET Updated May 23, 2012

'Archer' Finale: Will Archer Turn Down A Chance To Fight Barry In Order To Save Everyone? (VIDEO)

Is it possible for Sterling Archer to grow as a person? On the "Archer" (Thu., 10 p.m. ET on FX) Season 3 finale, he was faced with the chance to be selfish and immature, or to stand up and do the right thing by everyone else. Shockingly, he chose the latter. He does have his moments, doesn't he?

Of course, he subsequently decided to reward himself, leading to even more disaster. But first he had to find a way to save everyone, and himself, aboard the space station before Lana and the other women were taken as sex slaves to populate a new human colony on Mars.

The gang did come together, thanks to some quick thinking by Pam after Cheryl decided having sex all the time didn't sound so bad -- she didn't really understand what was going on -- and manage to subdue the true mutineers on board the space station. And then Cyril shot and killed them all.

Luckily, he proved pretty good on the simulator, so he was able to fly them home. Which is when Archer proved the bigger man, because Barry showed up just then in a giant mech suit to fight Archer and Archer really, really wanted to do it.

But he proved himself the bigger man, and Cyril rewarded him by trashing Barry's space ship. But then Archer rewarded himself by trying to land the ship, wrecking it and then blaming Cyril. Everyone was horribly injured, and it looks like Ray may genuinely be wheelchair bound now.

Fans will have to wait until Season 4 of "Archer" to find out if he's faking again.

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