03/23/2012 10:00 am ET Updated May 23, 2012

'Battleship' Movie Has Nothing To Do With Board Game

While the "Battleship" trailer had everything you've come to expect from a Universal and Hasbro love child -- aliens, apocalypses -- there was something amiss: a connection to the beloved board game, which the film was supposedly based on.

Don't be surprised if you come out of the theater scratching your head as to why you didn't hear Taylor Kitsch utter the phrase, "You sunk my battleship!" Peter Berg's adaptation has very, very little to do with its namesake.

"'Battleship's' a unique experience. It certainly doesn't have any direct correlation to the game," the director said at WonderCon. "That being said, it was a lot of fun to try to find way to reference the game. If you look at the ordinance that the enemies use, it looks a bit like pegs. Both of our ships' radar systems have trouble seeing each other, so they gotta try and predict where the enemy is so that they can go after them. And there were some other things that were kind of fun."

So, it's an homage to the game. Turns out it's an art house film after all.

[via THR]