03/23/2012 12:44 pm ET

'Biografie' Aims To Capture The Fleeting Randomness Of Insects

Normally we're so preoccupied with what's going on that we never stop to smell the roses or watch the insects! Come to think of it, insects probably warrant the least amount of our time. But if you took a moment out of your cute puppy-loving life to observe them, you might find that they are quite interesting creatures.

That is exactly what Quiet Ensemble's Bernardo Vercelli did when he followed bugs with a pencil, sketching their movements. Vercelli followed each variety of insect around for 50 minutes, tracing their behavior from beginning to end with a bit of graphite. The resulting drawings depict frantic moves and unclear motives from our little bug buddies. What were they thinking?

It is amazing how, despite the random nature of the lines, you can actually imagine an insect crossing that same path again. The spider seems to loom towards the corners, looking for predatory high ground while the ants just want a march to follow. Our favorite is the Green Shield bug, seemingly experiencing a bit of deja vú. Of the project Vercelli says, "I guess would it be ridiculous to see the path of my all life, just before I die .."

View a slideshow of their trails below. (We suggest you click on "FULLSCREEN" to get the optimal effect.)

Let us know in the comments section what your path would look like. Would it be meandering or straight?

Biografie - Quiet Ensemble