03/23/2012 06:03 pm ET Updated Mar 23, 2012

'Bride And Groom' TV Show: Oklahoma Couple Who Tied The Knot On Air Celebrate 60 Years (VIDEO)

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Tying the knot on a reality TV show may seem like a new phenomenon, but getting married on TV is actually old hat.

Duncan, Okla. couple Cy and Joan Jeffords said "I Do" 60 years ago on a show called "Bride and Groom," which aired on CBS from 1951 to 1953, and legally married couples in the CBS studios in New York City (it was briefly resurrected on NBC for one season in 1954). The taped show was originally a radio program in the 1940s, but was later broadcast on TV in 15-minute spurts between morning soap operas.

"When we were planning to be married I said, 'well I'm gonna write "Bride and Groom," I'd like to know what you have to do to be on that "Bride and Groom" show because I loved it," 79-year-old Joan Jeffords told local TV station KSWO.

The Jeffords were married on the show in 1952, but none of their friends or family in southwest Oklahoma could watch the program at the time as there were no TV stations in the area that broadcast "Bride and Groom."

"She was just a special girl and still is, that's the way I feel about her and you might as well know it," said 87-year-old Cy Jeffords.

Watch the clip above to see the couple's 1952 wedding.