03/23/2012 11:35 am ET

Chicago-Area Strip Club Next Door To Convent Protested By Community (VIDEO)

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Hundreds of people hit the streets in west suburban Chicago Thursday evening to protest a new strip club being built directly adjacent to a convent.

The Better Government Association and Fox Chicago first brought to light the Stone Park, Ill. battle between the Missionary Sisters of Saint Charles Borromeo and the developers behind Get It, a strip club set to feature partially nude performers and serve alcohol earlier this year.

But now the $3 million club, located in the 3800 lock of West Lake Street, is set to open in a matter of days -- on April 1. It is being built within two feet of the nuns' fence line.

The convent claims they were never given the opportunity until it was too late to speak out against the proposed strip club. They are aiming to get the club's permits pulled by the village, NBC Chicago reports.

"It makes me feel sad because they don't have any consideration for the community here in Stone Park," Sister Noemi Silva told NBC of the strip club's developers.

The convent and its supporters held candles and signs and prayed outside where the club will do business, WGN reports.

Dean Krone, the village of Stone Park's attorney, told CBS Chicago that he understands the complaints of the convent and its supporters, but that he doesn't think blocking the strip club from doing business is "legally possible."

The Thomas More Society, which is representing the convent, claims that Get It's location violates a state law calling for a one-mile “buffer zone” between adult entertainment centers and "places of worship."

"For over 60 years, the Sisters of St. Charles have devoted their lives to teaching the children of Stone Park – service for which they’re now being repaid with a 'porno palace' towering over their convent," Peter Breen, Thomas More executive director, said in a statement.

While the club's owner Bob Itzkow previously said that he wouldn't welcome a lawsuit on the matter, he believes that should one occur, his club would probably benefit from the extra publicity a suit would provide.

Another strip club -- called Scores -- is already located just down the street where Get It is being built.