03/23/2012 06:00 pm ET Updated Mar 27, 2012

Great Food Stories Of The Week (Last Call)

Every Friday afternoon, HuffPost Food rounds up some of the best food articles of the week. Start your weekend off with some quality food writing, and hopefully quality food as well! Think we missed something great? Let us know.

Kotaku, Remembering the Most Terrifying Horror Game of This Generation, Brought to You By Burger King
"Sneak King" looks truly awful.

The Guardian, Andoni Luis Aduriz: 'My mother thought I was trouble and needed to work with my hands. At least if I could cook I would eat'
The making of a world-class Spanish chef.

The New Yorker, Extreme Maple Syrup
Of course the chef of Au Pied Du Cochon wrote an entire book about maple syrup.

More Intelligent Life, Alphabet Soup
What's in a (restaurant) name?

Business Week, The Secret World Of Hong Kong's Private Kitchens
We didn't even know anything about the non-secret world of Hong Kong's private kitchens before reading this article!

The Salt, There's More To Fixing Food Deserts Than Building Grocery Stores
Why Michelle Obama's partnership with Wal-Mart is only the beginning.

Driven, P.A.Q Gubbio: Meet, Ian Purkayastha, 19-year-old “Truffle Dealer”
This kid sells tons of truffles and he can't even drink Chianti legally. Feel old yet?

Epicurious, Cooking With Wine
It's time you stopped using the dregs of last week's Sauvignon Blanc in your fish fumet.