03/23/2012 01:57 pm ET Updated Mar 23, 2012

'SONG 1' Opens At Hirshhorn Museum, Which Gets Bloomberg Branding For Bubble-Like 'Balloon'

WASHINGTON -- Multimedia artist Doug Aitken's "SONG 1" was officially inaugurated on Thursday night literally wrapping the Hirshhorn Museum in moving images.

For those who can't get there in person, Smithsonian magazine has put up a video of the piece.

In it Aitken describes what 'SONG 1' is about -- and why he chose dozens of versions of “I Only Have Eyes for You,” a "very perfect pop song" as Aitken puts it in, to accompany the work.

While "SONG 1" has certainly thrusted the Hirshhorn to the top of local cultural headlines, the museum, dedicated to international modern and contemporary art, had some other big news to share.

Washington City Paper reports that the planned giant inflatable temporary pavilion the museum plans to open in its courtyard will be called “The Bloomberg Balloon.”

The structure has been known as "the Bubble." City Paper contributing writer Kriston Capps asked why the big blue inflatable structure would be getting a new name:

According to the Hirshhorn staffer, Bloomberg LP wanted to avoid the potentially negative financial connotations associated with the word "bubble." Hence: the Bloomberg Balloon.

The Bloomberg Balloon will rise next year from the museum's distinctive -- and aesthetically controversial cylindrical concrete core.