03/23/2012 12:43 pm ET Updated Mar 24, 2012

'Hunger Games': Oxfam, Harry Potter Alliance Activists Promote Campaign To Feed 9 Billion People

Before "Hunger Games" fans take their seats at movie theaters nationwide, activists will give them a chance to do something about food-aid issues plaguing the real world.

The Harry Potter Alliance, which tackles issues of literacy, equality, and human rights, has launched the "Hunger is Not a Game" campaign to promote hunger reform. Volunteers have set up shop at theaters playing the fantasy film to encourage people to join Oxfam's fight to end hunger.

"This isn't your grandmother's hunger campaign, we won't be asking for your money," Vicky Rateau, campaign manager for Oxfam's GROW Campaign, said in a release.

What volunteers will be asking for is that moviegoers use their signatures, voices and social media accounts to support Oxfam's GROW Campaign. It aims to feed 9 billion people by 2050 by empowering farmers around the globe and calling on Congress to spend tax dollars more effectively.

Oxfam hopes that hinging on "The Hunger Games" craze will mobilize an untapped market of potential activists.

"If we can channel even a fraction of the excitement and enthusiasm about the launch of "The Hunger Games" towards support for practical and concrete steps to tackle hunger, great things are possible," Rateau said.

One step Oxfam is taking is pressuring government to spend tax dollars more effectively in the fight against hunger. According to the humanitarian-aid organization, 50 percent of food aid money is wasted on overhead costs and fees, including exorbitant shipping costs.

By signing Oxfam's GROW Campaign petition, supporters can tell Congress that they want food aid to be purchased locally, within developing countries, and that organizations should be adequately funded so they don't have to sell the food they're delivering to those in need.

"Every action we mobilize both on and offline," Rateau said, "will help us convince our leaders that reforming food aid is important to people across this country."

To get involved in "Hunger is Not a Game," consider signing the Oxfam Grow Campaign petition and tweet #notagame to your followers.