03/23/2012 08:39 am ET

'Hunger Games' vs. 'Hungry Hungry Hippos': Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Movie's Board Game Roots (VIDEO)

With "The Hunger Games" coming out in movie theaters today, there's one question on plenty of peoples' minds (especially if they aren't in middle school): What exactly is "The Hunger Games"?

Evidently, it's the first in a series of dystopian novels about a group of teenagers forced to kill each other for the survival of their families in a sequence of elaborate "Lord of the Flies"-like challenges. The books were written by Suzanne Collins and have been wildly popular with the teen and preteen set since being published in 2008.

But do the movies have another source that even predates the intended audience of 13-year-olds? Like, maybe a board game that involves hippopotamuses with ferocious appetites? Jimmy Kimmel got his hands on some footage from "The Hungry Hungry Games," and we're surprised that this plot point had not been revealed earlier.