03/23/2012 02:14 am ET Updated May 22, 2012

'Missing': Becca Tries To Make A Trade For Her Son, But Is It Genuine? (VIDEO)

The dramatic closer of last week's episode didn't really go anywhere, as Becca simply found her inner resolve and swam back to the surface. But this week on "Missing" (Thu., 8 p.m. ET on NBC), she wound up in a place much more tragic, and not something she can simply will herself through. Instead, she may need to find another ally.

She found an unlikely one when a proposed trade went wrong. She decides to turn herself in to get access to the deputy director of French intelligence. She hid away on of his greatest assets 12 years ago, a man with perfect recall dubbed Hard Drive. This guy knows all of the secrets of his corruption, so she offers to trade him for her son.

Unfortunately, she learns first that a crook simply cannot be trusted. The deputy director sent a video of her son, seeming to confirm he had him, but at the exchange she realized he was simply taking advantage of her plight to get his hands on Hard Drive.

Also, Hard Drive touched a nerve when he admitted that he had started a family in the intervening years. The two became unlikely allies in an attempt to take down the deputy director, in hopes of freeing Hard Drive and his family from fear.

Unfortunately, it all comes down too late. They expose the corruption, but not before hearing that her son is being put on a private plane out of the country. Becca arrives mere seconds too late, seeing her son put on the plane and running as fast as she can. The scene ends with the CIA arriving to see her collapsed on the ground in tears. Will they believe now that she really is only interested in recovering her son?

Find out as "Missing" continues Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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