03/23/2012 12:39 pm ET

New Kurt Vonnegut Book Released

A previously unpublished novella by satirical war critic Kurt Vonnegut was released today by RosettaBooks exclusively as a Kindle Single for only $1.99.

According to a press release from the publisher, "Basic Training" was written in the late 1940s while Vonnegut was working in public relations for General Electric. Due to the author's fear of moonlighting, the story was written under a pseudonym, "Mark Harvey." It's an autobiographical tale of heroism, "the lunacy of kings" and "mid-century myths of the family."

But what would the late author - a staunch critic of "computer people" and "electronic communities" - have thought of his latest work being released in e-book format? Regardless, for Vonnegut fans, this is very exciting news.