03/23/2012 09:53 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Rafael Munguia Arrested For Raping Ultra Attendee At Fountainebleau Hotel

Thursday night, Miami Beach Police arrested a 26-year-old Fontainebleau guest for the rape of another hotel guest staying in one of the penthouse suites. The 23-year-old woman from Beverly Hills, CA was in town for this weekend's Ultra Music Festival, police say.

The victim returned to her room in the Chateau Building at around 3 a.m. Thursday morning and left the hotel door ajar for a girlfriend she was expecting, according to the police report.

She told police that at 6:45 a.m., she woke up to a naked man in her bed. According to police, the attacker pulled aside her underwear and penetrated her while exclaiming, "Make me c--. I love you." The victim said he told her to roll over and then pushed her face into the pillow while continuing the sexual assault. The attacker did not wear a condom.

The victim ultimately fought off the unknown man and ran into the bathroom. When she tried to flee the room, the attacker tried to grab her. But she was able to run to her sister's room next door and call for help.

She was transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital's Ryder Trauma Center.

Police detectives examined a surveillance video showing Rafael Munguia, of Mexico, entering the woman's room and then exiting 22 minutes later, running into his own room on another floor.

Munguia, who left his baseball cap inside the victim's room, later confessed to the assault. He told police he was drunk during the assault, according to the arrest report.

"He gave a full confession to detectives, admitting that once he saw the door open, he made his way [in], he saw the victim, and without any hesitation, he proceeded to sexually assault her," Miami Beach Police detective Vivian Hernandez told WSVN7.

Munguia is charged with sexual battery with no serious personal injury and burglary of an occupied structure.

He is being held in Miami-Dade County Jail on $32,500 bond.

The Fontainebleau released the following statement:

The resort has, and will continue to provide, all available assistance to the authorities, as guest safety is our primary concern. This is an isolated incident and all known parties involved (alleged victim, alleged suspect and possible witnesses) have been identified, located and are part of the police investigation off property.

“It’s horrible. It’s a crime,” one hotel guest told CBS Miami, “It’s a public safety issue. Women should feel free to move around safely. I hope they catch this guy.”

This is not the first rape case involving Fontainebleau and Ultra. Last year, three California men were accused of brutally gang raping a college student staying at the Miami Beach hotel for the music fest. The state attorney's office later dropped all charges due to lack of evidence.