03/23/2012 07:41 pm ET

Sweet 16 Live Scores: Baylor vs. Xavier, UNC vs. Ohio

The Sweet 16 continues Friday night with a couple potential upset specials, neon uniforms and a North Carolina squad with its star point guard very likely out with a broken wrist.

The first No. 1 seed was knocked out on Thursday at the hands of No. 4 Louisville, who's defense was too much for the Michigan State Spartans. Rick Pitino remained undefeated in the Sweet 16 remains unbeaten in the Sweet 16 and will now face his former pupil Billy Donovan in the Elite Eight.

Friday's first match-up features the bright third-seeded Baylor Bears squaring off against one of the three double-digit seeds left, No. 10 Xavier. Brady Heslip's 3-point bonanza lifted the Bears past No. 11 Colorado in the third round, but will they be able to sustain their momentum to make a second Elite Eight appearance in three years?

As of Thursday afternoon, it was unlikely that No. 1 North Carolina would have its starting point guard Kendall Marshall. The Tar Heels must get through potential Cinderella, No. 13 Ohio which beat No. 4 Michigan and No. 12 South Florida. Will Marshall's health lead to UNC's demise?

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03/23/2012 10:04 PM EDT


A discombobulated group of Tar Heels will advance thanks to a huge Bullock three in regulation and then again to start OT. We're switching gears to Indiana and Kentucky elsewhere... see you there.

03/23/2012 10:02 PM EDT

@ RTCMWRegion :

Time for UNC to seal it at the free throw line. Ohio's guys look real quiet... dejected right now.

03/23/2012 10:01 PM EDT

Offutt Out

He fouls out with 26 points and UNC can put this away from the line...

03/23/2012 10:00 PM EDT

@ SethDavisHoops :

Offutt's missed free throw at end of regulation looms extra large right now. Ohio needed to put this away in regulation.

03/23/2012 10:00 PM EDT

Rolling It

Cooper lets the ball roll up the floor to keep clock stopped. Once they pick it up, Hall misses a THREE.

03/23/2012 9:59 PM EDT

Moving The Ball

UNC in no hurry on offense in OT. Again Barnes goes one-on-one. He gets Kellogg in air with step back move. Foul And a two made FTs. 70-65 to UNC with 61 ticks to tock.

03/23/2012 9:58 PM EDT

UNC 68 - 63 OHIO

WE've got 1:35 to go and not much OT offense to show for it. Foul on Zeller trying to get to lazy jump ball pass from Barnes. Ohio into 1-and-1 and four on Zeller. It's 68-65 and they're in business with 90 seconds to go.

03/23/2012 9:56 PM EDT

Cooper Probing

But not finding an access points in UNC defense.. foul on Zeller bails out Ohio. No shots, thought. Reset. And another long miss from Cooper..

03/23/2012 9:55 PM EDT

Something From Nothing

Barnes goes iso to close ramshackle possession but HE MAKES IT! He's 3 of 16 but UNC has 68-63 lead and we're closing in on three minutes.

03/23/2012 9:54 PM EDT

Another Deep Miss

Ohio 0-2 to open OT and White slowing down offense as he brings ball up.