03/23/2012 02:29 pm ET Updated May 23, 2012

The Best Of Aziz Ansari's Reddit AMA

Aziz Ansari is distributing his standup special online in the same vein as Louis C.K. and Jim Gaffigan. Since it's available for purchase ($5) now, Ansari returned to Reddit after a five month absence to do another Ask Me Anything, and it went much better than Woody Harrelson's. He only mentioned Rampart once.

The full Reddit thread is available here, and all of Aziz Ansari's posts are on his member page. We'll save you some time, however, and highlight some of the best excerpts here. Read on if you want to learn what Ron Swanson smells like, what little cousin Harris is up to, what he thinks about file sharing, what happened to Randy, and how easy it is to get Ansari to wingman for you with Rashida Jones.