03/23/2012 03:15 pm ET

Tim Tebow Jets: Mayor Bloomberg Says Tebowmania Will Be 'Interesting'

Where will Tim Tebow go to church? Does he really think he can beat out Mark Sanchez for the starting position? Has he really wanted to play for Rex Ryan since watching "Hard Knocks?" Did Rex Ryan like getting Tebowed?

Speculation ahead of Tebowmania's arrival in New York is reaching fever pitch and even Mayor Bloomberg can't resist.

Hizzoner called into the John Gambling Show on WOR-AM Friday from Vietnam-- where he's busy giving millions of dollars to an anti-smoking campaign--and told the hosts, "I did hear that the Jets have a new quarterback and I can tell you, personally, I was hurt ... because I would have thought that if they wanted to have a backup for Mark Sanchez all they would have to do is call me. You know, it's only 13 Sundays. I can do it while I'm still mayor. I wouldn't charge them very much. I work for a dollar a year for the city. I'm sure we could negotiate something."

The mayor added, "Some of those linebackers, they're big and they can't be as quick as I can so they'll be tripping over themselves. All kidding aside, Tebow is certainly going to make things interesting and breed new excitement."

Although unclear how exactly Tebow will be incorporated into the Jets offense, the team has already begun drawing up Wildcat plays designed around his unique running abilities.

A private plane carrying Tebow touched down in New Jersey Thursday afternoon (not too far, it turns out, from where Tebow's ancestors once landed). Because of yet another snag in the language of Tebow's contract, he won't officially be a Jet until Saturday afternoon. A highly-anticipated press conference during which the whole wide world will see Tebow holding up a Jets jersey is scheduled for Monday.