03/24/2012 11:29 am ET

JCore, Wall Street Exercise Regimen, Makes For Hilarious TV (WATCH)

Guys, check out the latest trend to hit Wall Street. High-frequency training.

That's right, there are now no excuses for a busy trader to not keep fit, at least that’s what Jay Cardiello, founder of JCore -- a twenty minute workout regimen geared towards Wall Street workers -- told Bloomberg's Stephanie Ruhle in an interview-cum-workout session (h/t Business Insider). As Ruhle and a few other traders did push ups amongst Bloomberg terminals Cardiello reminded them that working out isn’t just about keeping fit, it "costs about $2,600 dollars extra for a man to be obese."

Wall Street workers still feeling fat from last night's steak dinner and red wine can even coordinate their workout with the markets, thanks to JCore.

"Market's going up, our heart rates going up," Cardiello quipped as he used a trading desk for an exercise prop.

Want to work out like a Wall Street worker? (Or limit your workout to only 20 minutes?) Check out the video.