03/26/2012 10:00 am ET Updated Jun 14, 2012

Inside The Dim Mak Pool Party At Miami Music Week 2012 (PHOTOS)

By 2 p.m., almost every pool party related to Winter Music Conference was filled to capacity -- and getting in would test partygoers' patience and desire. “We are not letting anyone in, no matter who you are, at the moment,” was the phrase heard up and down Collins Avenue from the Surfcomber to the National, but we decided to head a litter further south to the Dream Hotel for the Dim Mak Pool Party. While I got the same speech and ever-so stern look from a list holder who appeared to be quite unhappy, I managed to get my wristband (told you I was on the list lady!) and find my way up to the top without help.

So here it is, I am inside and the party is on with sounds by Lil Jon and girls in bikinis hanging from the booth. There’s a few record label guys in the pool with bottles of champagne, the sun is setting and again, more girls dancing by poolside in their heels and designer sunglasses. Spotted near the DJ booth was Dim Mak Records founder Steve Aoki with Lil Jon, who by then finished his set. Joachim Garraud handed out alien masks during his set and pulled out a synth guitar for a show of skills. Pretty cool, seemed like the crowd enjoyed that. As the sun set over Highbar I made my out, running into Junior Vasquez who was heading up with his entourage. The party was just about to get a really good, but I couldn’t turn back, it was time for the next event on the agenda! -- Jipsy

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