03/25/2012 02:25 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Home Makeover: A Drab Loft Bedroom Gets A Very Stylish Update (VIDEO)

The Homeowner: Anthony Layser

The Dilemma: This is a studio apartment with a lofted space. Because Anthony wanted to use the living area as an entertaining space, his bed ended up in the loft area. Additionally, the space had an odd layout -- there was a cubby-like opening near the bed area that was not being utilized. While not everyone has a lofted space, many people have wasted space that could be better put to use, and Anthony's loft bedroom is an example of just that.

The Fix: Since the loft will serve as Anthony's 'bedroom', it was important that the resulting space feel comfortable and personal to him. So, the team took cues from Anthony's huge collection of vintage items and decided to go with a nautical theme for the loft area.

First, it was important to address the popcorn ceiling, which was discolored from age. While covering up the unsightly ceiling with pressed-tin tiles would have been great, a more cost-effective alternative was to use fabric instead. Thus, a nautical toile was picked out and faux-upholstered on to the ceiling using double-stick mounting tape. After that, the wall light in the space was replaced with something slightly unusual: A porch light. And, as a way to brighten up the space more, the fixture was installed upside down, which throws the light upwards and also gives it a nautical look.

Next up, it was necessary to tackle the cubby-like opening next to Anthony's bed. To make better use of this recessed space, it was transformed into a mini entertainment center and storage area. A floating shelf and a notched shelf were added, which provided room for storing extra bed linens, records and books/magazines.

For the final touches, the bedding was switched out in favor of a classic plaid duvet and sheet set, and the pillows were put in a L shape, which gives the bed more of a lounge-like feel and lets Anthony sit and read comfortably. And, to bring added personality and color to the space, vintage book cover postcards and framed script pages that Anthony had collected were brought in as accents for the space.

Click on items in the image below and scroll through the product rail to find some of the pieces used in the makeover.