03/25/2012 02:03 am ET Updated May 24, 2012

'Hunger Games' Animated GIF: Caesar Flickman Interviews Peeta

So, who went to see The Hunger Games this weekend? If you haven't seen it yet, you might be the only one: Apparently, it was the third highest weekend opening of all time, which means it beat every movie in the Twilight series, including the franchise's biggest opener, New Moon. Whoa.

The Tumblrverse has also been abuzz since the film's opening (okay, and months and months before it came out!) and teen users have been creating super fun animated GIFs celebrating their favorite HG moments from the teaser trailers and photos. Check out one of our favorites, below, created and shared with us by Malina of nothingissound.tumblr.com, and reblogged over 15,000 times.

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