03/26/2012 02:43 pm ET

Adam Griffiths, Teen, Rescued After Hot Air Balloon Crashes Into Power Lines

An 18-year-old pilot found himself tangled among several power lines when strong winds sent his air balloon on a crash course over the weekend.

Adam Griffiths and two passengers were rescued from a hot air balloon on Sunday after emergency responders made sure the wires were no longer live, the Telegraph reports. The balloon veered off course due to "freak wind conditions" near Bozeat, Northamptonshire in England.

Rescue efforts lasted for about five hours, but all three passengers made it down safely and were treated for minor injuries and burns from a small fire, according to the BBC.

Despite the incident, Griffiths said he won't give up on his passion.

"It won’t put me off flying balloons. I have been in them since I was a little baby," he told the Northhampton Chronicle.

Workers attempted to free the air balloon from the wires on Monday, the BBC reports. An investigation into the accident is now underway.

Another ballooning accident ended in tragedy in the United States, however.

On March 16, hot air balloon pilot Edward Ristaino attempted to fly over a thunderstorm after ordering a group of skydivers to jump and land in a nearby field, the Associated Press reports.

Unfortunately, the pilot's efforts were unsuccessful.

Ristaino's body was later found near the balloon basket, which still contained soccer ball-sized hailstones, according to the report. The skydivers credit the pilot for saving their lives.