03/26/2012 12:52 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Angry Beard' Tells The Tale Of Beard Vs. Razor (VIDEO)

"Angry Beard" tells the tale of a man's vicious pile of facial hair. The four-minute stop-motion video shows the battle waged by a pile of hair and the tools used to combat it: shaving cream, razors, scissors and a facial brush.

A hairy man begins to make toast in his kitchen when he takes a seat at his small table and pulls out the hair-trimming supplies. An epic piano ballad begins to play as the war is waged; the scissors snip and stab, then the shaving cream is overrun and thrown off the table's edge. The trimming supplies seem to take the lead when the straight razor blades come out, the hair no match for their sharpness. All the while, the facial brush observes the gory scene in the background.

The video was created by Tksh! Film & Stop Motion based out of Spain. Their videos range from the cute and clever ("Angry Beard") to visceral and borderline creepy ("UNIFORME").

Watch "Angry Beard":

ANGRY BEARD from TKSH! Films & Stop Motion on Vimeo.