03/27/2012 11:26 am ET

Ron Zappolo Interviews Former Denver Mayor Bill Vidal On 'Zappolo's People,' Talks Vidal's Upbringing In Cuba, Denver Politics

When Governor Hickenlooper left the Denver Mayor's seat in 2010 for the governorship, Deputy Denver Mayor Bill Vidal took on the seat until Mayor Hancock was elected in 2011. Unlike many appointees in his position, Vidal was no lame-duck mayor.

Mayor Vidal had previously bounced around in state government, serving with CDOT for 23 years, heading the Denver Regional Council of Governments for 5 years, and managing the city's public works department. The most interesting part, though? Vidal was born and raised in Cuba and sent to a Pueblo, Colorado orphanage by "Operation Peter Pan," a CIA program, when he was 10.

Fox31's Ron Zappolo recently sat down with Mayor Vidal to discuss Denver politics and Vidal's upbringing.

WATCH Zappolo's interview with Mayor Vidal, above.

Flickr photo via: Jeffrey Beall