03/26/2012 12:43 pm ET

Danish Lottery Mistake: 300 Players Accidentally Told They'd Won Millions (VIDEO)

Imagine being told you had just become incredibly wealthy and then, less than two hours later, you find out it's all been a big mistake.

Reuters reports that 300 Danish lottery players were told via email that they had won between 1 billion and 280 billion Danish crowns ($49.7 billion). Then, about 90 minutes later, they received another email saying the lottery had made a mistake, and the winnings the players were actually entitled to were about $35 to $70.

A spokesman for the state lottery company Danske Spil said most of the winners took the bad news in stride, though a few were "very angry" and demanded their original prize.

One of the winners described his heartache to a Danish newspaper.

"My heart leapt and I started thinking of all the things I was going to do with the money: take my family on holiday, buy a new house, a new car," Flemming Dahl told the Danish online paper according to AFP.

The lottery claims the mistake was due to "human error," according to Reuters.