03/26/2012 07:40 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Weird Beauty: Is It Ok To Wear Home Spray As Perfume?

When I heard one of our publicist friends reveal that she uses room spray as an alternative to perfume, I was less puzzled and more secretly relieved; I totally do this. While her signature scent is the room spray created for Hotel Costes (the Parisian destination known for its breezy courtyard), I, on the other hand, have a few other home fresheners in my rotation.

My stable of room sprays got a little bigger this week when I discovered Frederic Malle's perfume guns. The oversized, grey plastic bottles (which kind of struck me as '80s car cleaning supplies at first) are filled with the room-spray-equivalent of the French perfumer's beyond gorgeous scents, like Jurassic Flower and Rosa Rugosa. Both are spot-on interpretations of fresh-picked flowers straight from the flower shop.

I realized I had a thing for room-sprays-repurposed-as-perfume when I would walk around my apartment spritzing the place down, and would find myself lingering through each blast. I'm not sure what the breakdown between a real perfume and home spray is other than I just find it to be a more chill scent overall. Think about it: you'd never spray your house with perfume. More than a few sprays could knock you out. Room sprays are just a less concentrated breed, something I find particularly appealing when it comes to perfume. Not to mention, ounce for ounce it's generally a better score.

Here, a few more home sprays I've taken to wearing as regular perfume.

Is anyone else out there doing this?

In related news, would you use body lotion from a candle?

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