03/26/2012 03:41 pm ET Updated Mar 26, 2012

'RomneyCare' Website Redirects To Another Site

WASHINGTON -- Mitt Romney's campaign won't be amused by what some pranksters have done with a new "I Like Romneycare" website.

Anyone who goes to the website www.ilikeromneycare.com is instantly redirected to a page on President Barack Obama's campaign website with the words "I LIKE OBAMACARE" splashed across the top. The page also gives people the option to "like" Obamacare on Facebook and give money to the campaign.

"It's the two-year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act. Since then, the law that almost everyone calls Obamacare has been doing exactly what the other side has hoped it wouldn’t do: It’s been working," reads the Obama campaign page. "Say you like Obamacare--and you want everyone to know."

The Obama campaign reclaimed the term "Obamacare" last week from Republicans, who have long used the word to bash the president's signature health care law. In the meantime, Romney has taken fire for criticizing Obama's health law while also having signed a similar statewide health program into law -- dubbed "RomneyCare" by his critics -- when he was the Massachusetts governor.

A group called Viral Majority is taking credit for the Romney website shenanigans. The group is, at least for now, staying anonymous. It appears to be new and, according to Twitter, has one stated goal: "We have a progressive political agenda."

A source with the group, who wouldn't reveal his or her identity, sent a statement to The Huffington Post about the purpose of the Romney website antics.

"Americans are just beginning to see the clear benefits of ObamaCare, from lower costs for seniors to no denial of coverage to those with pre-existing conditions. This is something Massachusetts residents know and love thanks to Mitt Romney, the Godfather of ObamaCare," said the source.