03/26/2012 09:24 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Martin Sheen Cuts Anti-GOP Web Ad For House Democrats

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is out with a new web ad with some star power behind it. Actor Martin Sheen narrates the video that goes after House Republicans on a variety of fronts.

The video starts with Sheen praising President Barack Obama and decrying the "cynics and partisans who stood against him" for nothing more than political gain. But the real crux of the clip comes later, with Sheen criticizing congressional Republicans for trying to strip away Medicare.

The actor, who portrayed President Josiah Bartlett on the TV show "The West Wing," doesn't mention House Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) by name. But the subject matter and the timing of the web ad -- which comes as the House is set to consider Ryan's second budget -- make clear who the target truly is.

That the DCCC got Sheen to narrate the web ad may be its most interesting feature, underscoring the disparity in star power between the two parties.