03/26/2012 04:17 pm ET

'Wiener's Circle' Reality Show: Late-Night Diners Challenged To Booty Walk (VIDEO)

Last week, Chicago's infamously raunchy hot dog stand the Wiener's Circle saw the debut of its new TruTV reality show.

And, in keeping with the show's promotional claims that it showcases "the wildest wiener stand this side of the Mississippi," its debut episode showcasing the Lincoln Park eatery certainly served up a value basket of sass with a generous side of free t-shirts.

In one segment, Poochie, the manager at Wiener's, announces the parameters of a late-night contest: "If anybody up in here can do the booty walk like [employee] Erika, we're going to give one of you motherf****** a free t-shirt."

After Erika demonstrates the walk, a couple of more-often-intoxicated-than-not customers give it a go, including one diner who curiously bears a vague resemblance to former President George W. Bush.

"Now we need to get Obama in here, so that we can have a booty debate," Poochie adds.

The hot dog stand, according to the Chicago Tribune, will be the subject of a six-episode series that was filmed last fall. After watching its premier episode, Chicagoist noted that the "the premise of the show is actually less offensive than the premise of the restaurant" and "like watching the amusing falling-over drunks on Clark Street without having to dodge piles of puke."

The Chicago Reader's Tal Rosenberg is less amused by the series. Rosenberg wrote, based on numerous trips to the stand, that the Wiener's Circle, located at 2622 N. Clark St. on Chicago's North Side, fosters an environment where customers are "taking part in a manifested form of the racism and segregation that is a hallmark of the city."

A Fort Worth, Tex. woman appears to be on the same page as Rosenberg. She launched a petition aimed at bringing "an end to this racist show and resturaunt [sic]." It has been signed less than 20 times to date.

"The Wiener's Circle" airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST on TruTV.