03/27/2012 01:04 pm ET

Barack Obama Pinterest Account Official, Posts First Pins

Barack Obama is officially on Pinterest.

Those involved with his 2012 re-election campaign confirmed he joined the hot social networking site this afternoon. The account BarackObama started weeks ago, but it hadn't posted any pins yet - until now.

The first flurry of pins ranged in topic from food to photos, pets to politics. Among the initial categories: Obama-inspired recipes, Pet Lovers for Obama, Just the facts, Obama 2012 in action, Faces of change, The First Family, ObamArt, Obama 2012 Merch.

Obama for America Digital Director Teddy Goff tweeted confirmation of the account's authenticity:

Another member of the campaign Sara Lang added:

Among those involved with the Election 2012 campaign who are also on Pinterest: Ann Romney, Mitt Romney's wife. She joined Pinterest weeks ago.

A fake Mitt Romney account exists, but the presidential candidate himself doesn't appear to be on the site yet. That account was originally attached to Romney's full name, but the campaign asked Pinterest to change the handle. Currently, someone by the name of "Alonzo Gomez" seems to be holding that spot.

Have a look at Obama's page here.