03/27/2012 10:27 am ET

Colbert Demands Hoodie Control, Mocks Geraldo Over Trayvon Martin Comments (VIDEO)

Will hoodie control be the next hot-button political issue? It will if Stephen Colbert has anything to say about it.

Both Colbert and Jon Stewart addressed the tragic shooting of Trayvon Martin on their programs Monday night, each with their own unique take. Colbert made the story the subject of his recurring "The Word" segment, focusing on Geraldo's much-maligned indictment of Martin's hoodie as the real culprit in the case.

As Colbert is wont to do, he took Geraldo's message up as his own and ran even further with it, demanding that congress pass "strict hoodie control legislation" and calling upon parents who keep hoodies in the house to hide them where their children can't find them.

He then took the satire even further by calling upon the entire African American community to come together and pick one threatening outfit... and then not wear it.

Finally, he brought the point home with a joke that was as haunting as it was incisive, asking Americans to finally have a frank discussion on clothing control, "because if we ever stop talking about these hoodies, we might start talking about guns."

Watch the full clip above, and check out Jon Stewart's Trayvon Martin segment here. Which show do you think made the stronger point?