03/27/2012 02:56 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Instagram Spotlight: Sonja May's Light Drenched Interiors (PHOTOS)

Pablo Picasso reportedly once said, "All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."

With this in mind, we are pleased to announced a new feature of HuffPost Arts: Instagram Spotlight. We just love the youth-centric iPhone feature that turns amateurs into artists with the click of a button. Instagram reminds us that even those who aren't working artists still have a vision worth sharing, and HuffPost Arts wants to provide a platform to these photographers who are moved by beautiful moments. We will be featuring our favorite gems on the site along with their stories and inspirations, and will continue to scour the web for budding photographers. If you think this could be you, keep being creative and we will find you!

Today we are featuring the work of Sonja May, who uses her camera to capture the incredible lightness of Munich.

HP: Tell us about where are you from and what is your 'day job'. Are you a professional photographer, or is photography just a hobby for you?

SM: I am from the beautiful city of Munich and I am working as an alternative practitioner in my own praxis. Photography for me is an important hobby to live out my creativity and for sharing my point of view. (Ed note: You can see her artwork here).

HP: When did you start using your phone as a camera?

SM: I got my IPhone in June last year. And to be honest I bought it because of the possibility to take and edit photos in such a gorgeous and way.

HP: Has there ever been a moment you were especially happy to have had your cameraphone handy

SM: It's always with me and I am every time happy when I can capture my view of the daily grind.

HP: Who are your favorite people you follow on Instagram?

SM: Look at the guys who I follow -- they are all wonderful! I will name some because Instagram became a social platform for me and I appreciate the supportive character, friendship and contact with the following artists a lot: @n_cruz, @tomwhite_ @fvs2, @fredbandeira, @80degrees, @elinlia, @chaiwalla, @ximoteo, @love_in_her_eye, @kbasta, @senor_p, @missanmo, @jethromullen, @malddim, @me_lv, @fmmusgo3, @hirozzzz, @yannis_ , @omniamundamundis, @_elemental_picture, @piccolotakesall, (puh that´s so hard:)) and last but not least @kimsta - my `homie`, she became a 'real' friend and I am meeting her often.

Check out Sonja's beautiful photos below and follow her @so_may for more.

Sonja May