03/27/2012 05:49 pm ET

James Hvizda Tells Upper Uwchlan Township Police 'I Just Killed My Wife' After Alleged Stabbing

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A Pennsylvania man fatally stabbed his estranged spouse late Sunday night before confessing telling a police officer, "I just killed my wife," according to authorities.

Kimberly Hvizda was starting her shift at the Upper Uwchlan Township Wawa convenience store when her husband, James Hvizda, arrived at approximately 11:00 p.m., according to a criminal complaint obtained by The Huffington Post.

The pair met outside the store for a prearranged exchange of letters. Prosecutors say that the two individuals walked toward Kimberly's van when James pulled out a knife and repeatedly stabbed her, leaving the weapon jutting from her stomach.

A co-worker came outside to check on Kimberly and discovered her body covered in blood. Kimberly Hvizda was pronounced dead on the scene.

Following the incident, Hvizda immediately drove to the Upper Uwchlan Township Police Department and confessed to Cpl. Joseph Carr, according to the complaint.

The following exchange took place at approximately 11:10 that night:

Carr: "How can I help you?"

Hvizda: "I just killed my wife."

Carr: "What?"

Hvizda: "I just killed my wife."

Carr: "Where?"

Hvizda: "At your Wawa."

Carr: "Is she alive?"

Hvizda: "No she is dead."

Carr: "How did you kill her?"

Hvizda: "With a knife."

The victim reportedly feared that her husband would one day attempt to kill her and had a restraining order against him valid through November 2014.

Prosecutors said that the suspect claimed "it was his intention to kill her that Sunday evening" outside the Wawa. The complaint stated that Hvizda purchased the knife from a nearby Dick's Sporting Goods store the day before "with the intent to kill his wife."

"The defendant executed his wife, the mother of his four children, with casual efficiency," District Attorney Tom Hagen said. "Those four children are now left without a mother and with a father charged with murder."

James Hvizda remains in custody and is charged with first-degree murder.