03/27/2012 11:46 am ET

Jeremy Lin Asked To High School Graduation Via YouTube (WATCH)

If you could have anyone speak at your high school graduation, whose words of inspiration would you want to hear? For the students at Stuyvesant High School in New York City, the answer to that question was a no-brainer -- New York Knicks star Jeremy Lin.

In the seven-minute video, senior class president Eric Han urges Lin to consider speaking at the class of 2012's upcoming graduation. Students representing Stuyesant's athletics teams, robotics club, debate team, Christian fellowship, Chinese newsletter, also added personal messages to the video montage telling Lin how much he's inspired them.

Baseball team captain Julian Michaels said: "Hey Jeremy, you're one of the best athletes in New York, so you should come speak at one of the best schools in New York because you're awesome!"

Another student and Knicks fan challenged Jeremy to a one-on-one game upon his visit to Stuy, and teachers and coaches also chimed in to tell Lin what an honor it would be to hear him speak at graduation.

Stuyvesant High School isn't the only school that's caught on to Linsanity -- Palo Alto High School, Lin's alma mater, is proud to be the school that Lin graduated from. Palo Alto senior point guard Alec Wong told Yahoo! Sports, “Everyone takes pride in it and is proud that he is from here. … Even a lot of non-athletes.” And Lin's former coach, Peter Diepenbrock, has stayed in touch with his star player who he described as "strong-spirited."

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