03/27/2012 04:45 pm ET

Little Girl Tries Stand-Up In 'Laughter With Teddie' (VIDEO)

Finally, someone has the nerve to stick it to glossy paper.

Little Teddie may not be a great stand-up comedian yet, but she's got two big things going for her already: charisma and a point of view. In a tight, under two minute set, she skewers pajamas, glossy paper and pencil pens... topics no other comedian that we know of has touched. She also throws in a nod to alternative comedy with her unexplained vocabulary word segment.

Most importantly, perhaps, Teddie knows that to be a comedian you have to study comedy. At the moment, she's going through her Seinfeld phase, which is admittedly dated, but we're sure Mitch Hedberg and Sarah Silverman can't be far behind.

Frankly, if this doesn't charm your face off, we can't help you. No one can.

Via Carolyn Castiglia