03/27/2012 12:15 pm ET

Mitt Romney Campaign SUV Burglarized: iPads, Laptop Computers, Other Equipment Stolen

Electronic equipment was stolen out of an SUV rented by Mitt Romney's presidential campaign Friday in San Diego, California, reports 10News.

A briefcase, two iPads, two handheld radios and two laptops were taken from the SUV, which was parked in an area mall's parking garage as two aides ate dinner. There was no sign of forced entry. Police said that they were told that the electronic equipment was remotely disabled. Police did not know whether the break-in was random or targeted.

Romney owns a home in the San Diego neighborhood of La Jolla, and he is planning on massively expanding it to include a basement larger than the existing home and car elevators.

Romney made one campaign stop in San Diego Monday, and has five fundraisers in two days in California along with a "Tonight Show" appearance Tuesday night.