03/27/2012 11:16 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sigur Ros' 'Ekki Mukk' Off 'Valtari' (VIDEO)

Why should we be excited about Sigur Ros' upcoming album Valtari?

1) It's the only Sigur Ros album that bassist Georg Holm has listened to for fun.

2) After years of trying, failing, giving up, and trying again, "something happened and form started to emerge." That sounds like the start of a creation allegory, but it's actually just Holm again, talking about making Valtari.

3) Frontman Jonsi Birgisson compared the album to "an avalanche in slow motion," and while we've never experienced an avalanche in normal motion, as we listened to the album's first released track, "Ekki Mukk" (which you can skip to below, if you need to immediately verify such claims), we honestly couldn't think of anything BUT an avalanche in slow motion!

4) As for the rest of the album holding up to that promise, if anyone can be trusted not to play fast and loose with avalanche metaphors, it should be someone from Iceland.

5) These guys are from Iceland!

6) Spinner quotes Holm describing the album as "not like anything else we've ever done." Why? "More electric stuff than before. But don't worry, we haven't made a dance record." For a band known for its non-dancey, electric aesthetic, this is an intriguing way to cast something unlike everything else, no?

So let's cut to the chase.

Here's Sigur Ros' video for "Ekki Mukk." WATCH:

Sigur Rós - Ekki múkk from Sigur Rós on Vimeo.

And here, for comparison's sake, is a link to footage of an avalanche in slow motion.

Valtari, which in Icelandic means "steamroller," drops in the US (steamrolls into the US) May 29, according to Q Magazine. Check out the tracklist, all in Icelandic, over at Pitchfork.