03/27/2012 03:57 pm ET

Zack Thome Stops Robbery: MMA Amateur Turns Hero (VIDEO)

Original Video- More videos at TinyPic

Before holding up a convenience store, be sure to make sure the area is clear of Army veterans who are trained in mixed martial arts.

Brandon Slanger, 38, failed to perform this key step recently when he tried to rob the Spike N' Mike's Party Store in Grand Rapids, Mich. The video above shows Slanger attempting to rob the store, but Army veteran and college student Zack Thome, who was scheduled for his first amateur fight earlier this month, surprised him from behind, put a choke-hold on him and saved the day.

Thome told Fox 17 that he signaled to the cashier, who he was familiar with, asking if he was getting robbed. Once the man confirmed the attempted robbery, Thome stepped in.

Slanger was booked into the Kent County Sheriff's Department and was charged with assault with intent to commit an armed robbery.