03/28/2012 02:09 pm ET

AMC: 'Bully' Will Be Screened To Anyone With A Permission Slip Or Guardian

It's a win for Harvey Weinstein, Lee Hirsch and "Bully": AMC has announced its theaters will allow moviegoers of all ages to see the film.

EW reports that anyone under the age of 17 can attend with either a guardian or a signed permission slip. The permission slips will be available at this link at some time on Wednesday.

The theater chain's decision should please the Weinstein Company, who announced on Monday that "Bully" would go to theaters unrated after a bitter fight with the MPAA. The ratings agency had assigned the film an R rating, which would obviously had made it more difficult for children to see it.

Despite a Washington D.C. hearing on the matter, the MPAA refused to change the film's rating, claiming a profanity-laden scene in "Bully" objectively qualified the film for an R rating.

Films that are unrated by the MPAA typically feature content that would have deserved an NC-17 rating. As such, most cinema chains treat unrated films as if they were rated NC-17, which makes AMC's decision all the more surprising.

When reached by The Huffington Post, a representative for the Weinstein Company declined to comment on AMC's decision.

Common Sense Media rated the film "Pause 13+." The Weinstein Company will use this rating on their promotional materials. "Pause 13+" is the same rating Common Sense Media assigned to "The Hunger Games."

A bevy of celebrities took to Twitter to protest the MPAA's decision on Wednesday as part of an awareness campaign organized by the Weinstein Company. Anderson Cooper, Kim Kardashian, Hugh Jackman and more tweeted in support of the fim.

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