03/28/2012 03:54 am ET Updated May 27, 2012

'Breaking In': Cash Channels His Inner Indiana Jones To Try And Score The Girl (VIDEO)

After walking in on a party at the office, Ronnie finds herself jealous of this mysterious Jones who works as an international salesman for the company on "Breaking In" (Tue., 9:30 p.m. ET on Fox). When Molly digs into it, though, she finds out that there is no Jones. It's a fake persona Oz created to build morale in the company ... with Oz pocketing his paychecks.

In an attempt to keep the ruse going and convince her Jones is real, Oz uses Cash and green screen technology to create a fake Jones. Only, Cash -- being the pop culture geek that he is -- embellished the story by turning the enigmatic Jones into Indiana Jones.

The ploy worked, but then Cash and Molly kept communicating, with him pretending to be Jones still. He was looking to her for advice on how to approach the sandwich girl, on whom he has an enormous crush. After he was unmasked, literally, she still encouraged him, creating the foundation of a genuine friendship.

When she told him he could talk to her, he went into Indiana Jones mode himself, rushing through the office, only to fall just short when reaching under a garage door to get his beloved hat. Maybe next time, Cash -- er, Indy.

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