03/28/2012 10:55 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

How To Get The No-Makeup Look: Tips From 'A New Mode' Blogger Sabrina Alexis

While we're not abandoning our bold lips or intense eyeshadow anytime soon, there's something to be said for minimal makeup. According to Daily Makeover, 70 percent of men find a natural, fresh-faced look much sexier than over-the-top glam. Plus, we've always been big supporters of enhancing our natural beauty, as opposed to burying it under layers of powder and mascara.

Celebrities like Kate Bosworth often forgo heavy makeup in lieu of bare-faced beauty. Lady Gaga recently tweeted a self portrait sans anime eyes, artistic eyeliner or glitter -- she looked simply stunning.

While we'd like to think the no-makeup look takes zero effort, there is quite a bit of prepping involved. According to Stylelist Blogger Network member Sabrina Alexis of A New Mode, it all starts with a good foundation. She notes that moisturized skin looks brighter and younger, and is essential for getting a clear, even complexion. Head over to A New Mode to see Sabrina's four fool-proof steps for getting the no-makeup look.

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