03/28/2012 11:32 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'The Flaming Lips And Heady Fwends': Bon Iver Sings 'Ashes In The Air' (VIDEO)

The Flaming Lips' big ol' collaborative album is set to drop April 21, starring such biggies as Nick Cave, Chris Martin, Erykah Badu, Yoko Oko, Ke$ha, and Bon Iver. While reports differ as to exactly what the album's name is (The Flaming Lips And Heady Fwends, or The Flaming Lips And Heavy Fwends, depending on who you read, and the Flaming Lips' site is charmingly little help, though most signs point to "Heady"), one thing's for sure. The track with Bon Iver's Justin Vernon, "Ashes In The Air," definitely sounds like it could have been written for "The Hunger Games." Exhibit A, on muttations and other sad things, and the song below.

"We thought we could outrun them/But they had robot dogs":


LISTEN to "Ashes In The Air":

[via Pitchfork]