03/28/2012 03:27 pm ET

Veronica Olguin, Mom, Suing Hospital For Cutting Baby's Finger Off

Veronica Olguin, a 15-year-old mom from Haines City, Florida is suing the Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center after a nurse accidentally cut off part of her daughter's pinky finger.

In October, Veronica took then 3-month-old Selena to the hospital for a high fever and bronchitis, USA Today reports. The baby was held for three days, and had to have an IV in place. When she was ready to be discharged, nurse Emily Anna Stutz began to cut the bandage that held the tube while Selena sat on her mother's lap. Suddenly, there was blood everywhere. Veronica looked down, saw that her daughter's pinky had been severed and screamed "Her finger! Her finger!".

The nurse panicked, called for other doctors, and the baby was rushed to Tampa General Hospital. According to USA Today, surgeons were unable to re-attach Selena's finger because the nerve endings were so small.

Five months later, Veronica is still traumatized by the day's events. "It was really hard that she was born so perfect and they just cut off her finger," she told FOX 13. Now, she says she worries about her daughter's future and is working with a specialist to determine the effects of the accident, both physically and emotionally.

The Olguins' attorney, Lou Pendas, says they are seeking legal action because they have not heard from the hospital since initial contact a few months ago. The lawsuit alleges negligence on the part of the nurse -- that she carelessly used the scissors -- and on the hospital, for failing to train their staff properly.

Richards Ford with Wicker Smith in Orlando, which represents the Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center, told FOX13 that they have attempted to resolve the issue but the family rejected their offer. He released the following statement from the hospital:

"An unfortunate accident occurred at our hospital while an experienced nurse was removing bandages from the tip of a child's finger. We rushed the child to a hand specialist, but unfortunately the tip of the finger could not be reattached. We deeply regret the harm to the child and want to express our compassion and concern for her and her family. We reached out right away to the child's family and their attorney, but have not been able to reach a mutually agreeable resolution. Again, we want to reiterate our sincere concern for the child and her family."