03/29/2012 11:44 am ET Updated Mar 29, 2012

Andrea Mitchell's Frenzied Chat With Avid Baseball Fans In Cuba (VIDEO)

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MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell took her show to Cuba this week to cover Pope Benedict XVI's trip to Latin America.

Though each show has focused on the Papal visit, Mitchell has also spent considerable time on segments highlighting Cuba's culture. Earlier in the week, she sat down with famed Cuban jazz artists to speak about the country's rich music scene. On Wednesday, Mitchell focused on the country's deep love for baseball with a visit to Havana's La Esquina Caliente, an area where baseball die-hards gather.

"In Cuba, baseball is more than a national pastime. It's a passion," Mitchell said as she walked to La Esquina Caliente with Cuban baseball legend, Juan Padilla.

Mitchell said Padilla played for the Cuban equivalent of the New York Yankees, the Industriales. Mitchell and Padilla spent time in La Esquina Caliente with crazed baseball enthusiasts, who argued about the rivalry between the Industriales and Santiago. Mitchell compared the rivalry to that between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox.

A group of local fans made their loyalties clear by arguing for their favorite team while engaging Mitchell in their debate. Mitchell high-fived and hugged jubilant supporters. She grew especially excited when a Cuban Yankees fan approached her. Watch the segment in the clip above.