03/29/2012 03:35 pm ET

Annette McCullough Soccer Fight: High School Senior's Brutal Attack Earns Assault Charge (VIDEO)

Annette McCullough, a senior at Lewisville High in South Carolina, faces an assault charge after she brutally attacked an opposing player during a soccer match against Chester High School.

The raw footage above from CN2 shows McCullough chasing after a ball with an unnamed Chester player trailing behind her. With the defender in close pursuit, McCullough falls down, perhaps as a result of incidental contact as the two players were running in such close proximity. Seeming to believe that her fall was the result of an intentional trip by the defender, McCullough immediately gets up and goes after the opposing player. The video shows the 18-year-old McCullough grab hold of the opponent's hair with one hand while repeatedly punching her in the face and head until another woman runs over to separate them.

Chester County Sheriff Richard Smith told that McCullough was charged with third-degree assault and battery. Per the report, the victim suffered minor injuries.

The mother of the victim told WBTV that McCullough should be prosecuted and banned from playing soccer in the league.

While this attack may bring to mind the 2010 incident when University of New Mexico soccer Elizabeth Lambert violently pulled down an opponent by the hair during a match, the fury displayed by McCullough in the video may be more like the one of sporadic referee attacks that occur when a player who feels wrong takes matters into his or her own hands. In this case, though, the referee is hardly involved (although a linesman does help stop the altercation) until the close of the video, when he can be seen showing McCullough a red card as she is escorted from the field.