03/29/2012 09:53 am ET

Colbert Praises 'The Conservative Teen': Downloadable PDF Magazine Bringing Youth Back To The GOP (VIDEO)

While the GOP field is certainly wowing most age groups, they're still having trouble getting their message of abstinence and the dangers of big government through to today's youth.

But as Stephen Colbert pointed out on Wednesday night's "Report," that's all about to change.

Enter "The Conservative Teen" magazine. Not only does it talk about the issues that are most important to conservatives in hip language that the kids can relate to, it's also available only as a downloadable PDF. And if there's one thing that kids know and love, it's the Portable Document Format, yo.

As Colbert so succinctly puts it, "Thanks to 'The Conservative Teen' the future of the Republican party is as bright as the future of the magazine industry."

Check out the full clip above and let us know if you think "TCT" has what it takes to win the future.