03/29/2012 09:13 am ET

Dana Carvey Announces 'Wayne's World 3' On 'Conan' (VIDEO)

After Will Ferrell stopped by "Conan" Wednesday night to announce the making of "Anchorman 2," guest Dana Carvey had no choice but to one-up the actor by making an announcement of his own: "Wayne's World 3."

Of course it was all a joke, but that didn't stop Carvey from imagining what Wayne and Garth would be like as a couple of middle-aged bros. The receding hairlines, the lingo, the erectile dysfunction.

The sequel talk didn't keep Carvey hung up for long. Soon he segued back into his amazing impressions and political commentary and all was right in the universe.

It won't stop us from wondering if you'd see "Wayne's World 3" if it hit theaters, though. Let us know in the comments.